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It’s Ponte20 shoes - orthopedic eligible shoes.  Comfortable genuine leather insoles (shoes promotions) reduces the baby's legs tired,allows them to keep correct and easy to move.


The upper parts of the shoes are made from carefully selected, high quality, full grain leather and lined with soft leather to ensure natural contact with the foot.

With the correction lift of the heel bone it can prevent scoliosis, tension and injuries of the knee ligaments. Recommended for children with knock-knee and/or pronated foot.
The sole of the shoes are tilted from the inside out with 5 mm, and this will gently force the bones in the children feet into a straight position.

The shock absorbing comfort insoles reduces stress on children feet at impact with the application of shock absorbing cushions.

The footwear is treated with a special water-repellent coating, thus creating a “LOTUS” effect on the shoe surface to keep the shoes clean.

Thanks to the special waterproof membrane these shoes are waterproof yet allows the wearer’s skin to breathe. It lets water vapour from sweat pass to the outside, but it stops rain drops from passing to the inside.

Super flexible, and comfortable. Providing a good grip, and protecting the feet by the reinforced toe cap and heel part. Guarantee the maximum freedom for the feet while wearing.


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Shoes 28-33. DA061632
Shoes 28-33. DA061632

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