Shoes 28-33. DA06199A

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It’s DDstep Ponte20 shoes - orthopedic eligible shoes. Comfortable genuine leather insoles (shoes promotions) reduces the baby's legs tired,allows them to keep correct and easy to move.

The upper parts of the shoes are made from carefully selected, high quality, full grain leather and lined with soft leather to ensure natural contact with the foot.

The insoles are removable, so they can be cleaned and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside. The removable insoles are made of leather to ensure natural contact with the foot and enhances the comfort.

Interior stiffener guarantees the best holding and the long-lasting reinforced heel support. The shaped PVC stiffener is positioned between upper and lining, not in contact with kid's feet, however supports the heel bone at right angles.

The shape of the toe cap provides ultimate protection while leaving the toes to move safely. The adequate height of the toe cap ensures the freedom of the foot.

The shock absorbing comfort insoles reduces stress on children feet at impact with the application of shock absorbing cushions.

Rubber outsole with toe protection cap. The shape and composition of the outsole make it all in function of grip and flexibility, protection and comfort. Lightweight, durable and non-slip rubber outsoles.

The components we use meet high quality standards. The inner lining and the cover of the insole are made from soft leather to ensure natural contact with the feet.


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Shoes 28-33. DA06199A
Shoes 28-33. DA06199A

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